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Your Concerns

- You feel you can accomplish much more than you do in your sales work.
- You'd like to break through to the next level.
- You feel your sales talents are not being given full expression.
- You want to break out and DO SOMETHING WONDERFUL!
- You feel you are living to work- you'd rather work to live.
- You feel restless and frustrated in your selling, and you are not sure of the next step.

Your Solution:

Your Sales Training Coach will help you:
- Discover what is within you.
- Enable you to see "the wood from the trees".
- Remove your self-limiting beliefs, your primary barrier to lack of sales achievement.... (I can prove this to you easily).
- Will free you to live a life that is full, satisfying, and rounded.

This "Break Out" philosophy applies to all forms of personal coaching- Sales, Business, Executive, (or Career, Life, or Image coaching).

I'll tell you what I'd like you to do for me. If you a are not certain that the 'Real Achiever" inside you is still intact,(or was not there to begin with) go to this page and read the item there. Then come back here...don't worry, I'll wait for you. Click Here.

Back already?....Good.....mug of your favourite beverage at hand?.....let's continue, then......

Truly, everything you need for greater success is already inside you. Let your
Sales Coach guide you to the fulfillment of the deams you had when you were younger. That YOU is still there!. Go for it.

Discover on this site, what it is you need to do to bring about satisfying and rewarding change in your work and in your life!

Explore this Great Expectations Sales training & coaching site.
We named it for you! Read the articles and tips throughout the pages. Ponder the case studies of other extraordinary "ordinary" sales people. Consider how you might be the sales achiever you wish to be.

When you are ready to get started on this exhilarating journey, let us help you. Whatever your location, coaching can be conducted in person, by telephone, or on-line.

Read this article on the things you can work on with your sales coach. Click here.

Take Your First Action Step Today!

Telephone or email Great Expectations Coaching
for your initial FREE confidential consultation - 30 minutes.
Choose your preferred Sales Trainer or Coach. Start on the development of your
Ideal, Balanced and Enjoyable Life.

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Your Guarantee-Our Promise

Every contact with your Great Expectations Sales Coach is totally
Private and Confidential.
No one will know about it, unless you decide to tell them!

In addition, if your first three contacts with your Great Expectations Sales Coach are not satisfactory by your standards, you will be refunded your financial investment without quibble. We make this offer with integrity and know you will
honour it.

Integrity, Trust and Confidentiality are critical to the success of all forms of Sales Coaching, and if any of these these elements are lost by either side, the coaching can no longer continue, and is terminated.

Sales Training & Coaching is a powerful force for change. If you are ready for it,
we will work with you to improve your world

Tel: +353 (0)1 2990900 (8am - 6pm GMT) or send Email here

"When you make your first contact with us, we will forward you a Value Filled E-BOOK which will start you on your exploration of WHO you are, WHAT you are, WHERE you wish to be, and the wonderful unexplored possibilities in your life. It gives you a thought provoking snap shot of where you are now, and where you are going. It will help you decide your future direction in life or in your career.
This is a sincere "Thank You" for contacting us, and it will be the beginning of a VERY interesting personal journey for you."

Maitiu and Maggie

Maitiu and Maggie ( see biogs here) love talking to new friends and contacts.
We will inspire you and encourage you, and you will be glad you called every time.
(If you are not, let us know, and we will pay your phone bill for a month!)

Keep Making it Better!

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