Business Coaching

"OK, you offer better dooflickers. So what?"

by Maitiu MacCabe -Senior Sales Coach

Business-coaching almost becomes a necessity after a time. You started your business- service or manufacturing- essentially because you knew...that you could make better dooflickers than anyone else, or because you knew you could produce a better service than anyone else in your field of expertise. You were willing to try, or die in the attempt!

It is the urge to make something better that normally motivates new business start up. This is borne out by statistics from Enterprise Boards which show that as many as 92% of new start ups come from those with a technical or production background, with little business expertise or coaching in business matters to back them up.

The problem, of course, is that very rapidly the new business owner discovers that the ability to make or render better dooflickers is rather irrelevant to staying in business. It is the ability to finance, market, and sell the new product or service that determines if the business will survive, thrive, or go down the pan. And by times, these areas of expertise may be missing in the entrepreneur's make up. This is where a business or executive coach can make a huge difference to the firm's success.

Energy & Drive are not enough to progress

The further learning is that drive, motivation, enthusiasm and one hundred hour working weeks will bring a business so far, but to rise to the next level a new management and leadership style must be adopted. This is often traumatic for the entrepreneur. He/ she cannot adapt to a managerial rather than a "hands-on" role, cannot let go of their 'baby", cannot trust anyone else sufficiently to mind the business, have issues with letting go of control.

All of these concerns are common, and the loneliness of being at the top can be very frustrating. And that is where your Business-Coach comes into the picture!

Select a Business Coach (instead of an Executive Director)

If you have carefully selected your Business-Coach, he or she will have been there themselves, will absolutely understand your position, and will appreciate exactly where you are coming from and going to.

You will have a non-judgemental sounding board for ideas, new approaches, talk through problems, look at issues more objectively than is possible for you. You've heard the cliche about being inside the tent peeing out, or outside the tent peeing in. ;-)).

You will be given encouragement and courage- to make the moves you know you should, to help you adopt to new thinking, to test your planning before putting it into action.

I was that soldier at one time.......a new going out far faster than it was coming in....... having to do everything myself....... working the 100 hour week. I was lucky over those early years to have had two marvellous coaches- Joe McGrane and Patrick Nevin- who always asked me the hard questions, and who held me to account for my committments. The result is that after 23 years I am recognised as a leader in my field and I have a happy and fulfilled life and career. I'm as close to total satisfaction as is possible for me, and I readily acknowledge the help of my coaches. I could not have done it without them- and there is no flattery in that compliment.

It is coincidental that I was- and am- committed to coaching and training others. This was always a major source of satisfaction for me, but like any business owner, the ability to promote the business, make it visible, and persuade others to purchase my service was much more vital than the fact of providing the service itself.... and that has always been as good as I can make it.

Collaborative Effort

Business Coaching is really a collaborative effort. It is not about telling you how to run your business- it is about supporting you in finding a way ot do it.

So, if you are feeling confused, lonely, overwhelmed, shut in, or simply need a "business wise buddy" to moan to and dump on, give me a call.

You will find myself and my colleagues are friendly, approachable, highly knowledgeable and ready to help you rise to the next level. Trust and Confidentiality is a given in all our contacts.

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Keep Making it Better!

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