Do You Remember?

(Of course you don't, but you know what I mean........)

When you were a toddler, the world was your oyster. There was nothing you wouldn't attempt, nothing you couldn't do. The world was there to be taken, and you took mightily from it....the settee that seemed so had to try it ten different ways before you managed to climb onto it, but you did.....that big alsatian dog from next walked over and pulled his mouth open to see his teeth...nothing to be afraid of there....the massive effort to push the chair across to the back took you ten minutes and three tumbles from over enthusiasm......but then the garden was yours to play in, a whole new continent to be explored and mud didn't taste very nice, but you had a mouthful to check the, won't try that again........let's see what's in this green can....ugh! cold I'm all wet, but what the heck, this football is big but looks interesting....I'll kick it and .....oooops!.....down we go again....not as easy as it looks.....OK, let's try that another way.....Hey!, there's that teddy bear I dropped.....the head moves all, how did THAT break loose?....Mum will be annoyed.....oh well.....Ok, where's that dog gone ?....

You heard the word "No" from your parents often, but rejection wasn't a problem....failure at anything wasn't an issue for just approached it from a different angle, and eventually you found a way to get what you didn't mind when something didn't work, you just found another way ... then it worked!

This was you as a toddler Your achievements in your first three years are astonishing....You learned to move about your world under complete control from a start of total helplessness, and at the same time you mastered a complete language! Most of us never accomplish anything comparable in our lifetime.

What happened you later? You are still that toddler, but life experiences, our education systems, social conventions, parents, peers, bosses and spouses knock so much of that wonderful stuffing out of us.

Yet, we all still carry that sense of adventure and achievement within us. Many people feel they are capable of much more than they achieve, but they are nervous, feel they lack "know how", suffer from lack of encouragement, not sure what they are great at, what is the ideal life or work for them.

Discover on this site as it builds, what you need to do to bring about satisfying and rewarding change in your life and in your work!

Coaching is guaranteed to help. Find and work with a trusted Life/ Business Change Coach who will work with you discreetly and confidentially to develop the REAL you, whatever your life aims are. Empower yourself to live your dreams. Every one of us has something "extra" ordinary to offer. You owe it to yourself to uncover your hidden depths, talents, and greatness. Coaching will let you prove yourself to yourself- the ultimate satisfaction.

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