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Maitiu MacCabe

Maitiu MacCabe

Maitiu is a Certified Graduate Coach accredited to the European Coaching Institute (ECI) and has worked extensively in this profession for several years.
He has almost thirty two years expertise in sales and marketing. He started his career selling advertising space for the Evening Press, and later gained experience with Roadstone Concrete in their sales and marketing department, before moving to Irish Biscuits as Export Sales Manager- Europe &Middle East. He later became sales and marketing manager with Tobacco Distributors Ltd. (Marlboro cigarettes).

He has been committed to coaching and training for the past 19 years, specialising in Sales, Business, and Executive coaching.

He has been a visiting lecturer at Trinity College and Dublin City University. He has served for several years on the national council of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, serving as National Secretary. He was recently awarded a Fellowship by the M.I.I. in recognition of his services to the promotion of the marketing discipline in Ireland, and for his work in creating links with marketing associations abroad.
Increasingly, his work takes him overseas. He has recently conducted assignments in UK, Switzerland, Holland and Kenya. He presented a very successful series of seminars on "Export Marketing into Europe" at Expo'92 in Seville, and was requested to repeat these seminars at Expo '98 in Lisbon, at the invitation of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Maitiú was voted "Best Trainer" and "Best Known Trainer" in Ireland in a major independent survey undertaken by Mercuré Intl (Switzerland) in 1998. The survey was conducted through 500 randomly selected companies in the Republic of Ireland.

He regularly contributes to various magazines and periodicals.
Maitiu says,"I've seen the effect that coaching has on anyone who is committed to making the best of themselves in any area of their lives. I really believe that people can reach their true potential with the help of a coach. Elite sports stars and entertainers rely heavily on their coaches, although they don't need lessons!. So when it works for major stars such as Padraig Harrington, Aneka Sorestam, Kiri TeKanawa and Tiger Woods, believe me, we can all benefit from good coaching."

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Enda Brennan

Biography: Nuala Duignan

As a Certified Life and Business Coach, Nuala will help you become "unstuck" and achieve what's best for you. She uses her own accumulated work expertise, experiences, and coaching skills to help move you move from where you are at to where you wish to reach, implementing several powerful tools to realise effective change in your life.

She has:

  • Coached and supported individuals throughout Ireland since 2008.
  • Delivered coach training to groups on “Back to Work” initiatives
  • Delivered coach training to adults at Vocational Education Colleges.
  • Nuala believes each of us has all the wisdom and resources we need to achieve our goals, but often lack the support structure to actually BE and DO what's necessary. As a Certified Professional Life Coach she will provide you with guidance, insight, and feedback from an outside vantage point. The profession of coaching can be described as an on-going partnership built on taking action. In this powerful alliance, you will find yourself able:-

    • To do more than you would do on your own.
    • You will take more effective and focused actions.
    • You will become a happier and more fulfilled person.
    • She is a firm believer that we all have the power within us to be whatever we want to be. We just have to believe in ourselves and she will give you that gentle but firm push.

      Then far more than you thought possible will become possible.

      Contact Nuala TODAY to arrange your complimentary first consultation for support on your quest for a better life that will fulfil you …….. and begin living the life you deserve.

      Contact Nuala directly here: or Tel. 087 2532675

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