Sales Conferences: Would you like to make your Annual Sales Conference memorable?

Maitiu MacCabe speaks at many Annual Association & Sales Conferences in Ireland and overseas. He is an energetic, dynamic, thought-provoking and entertainingly memorable speaker. He has been known to bring an ironic bite to his presentations when discussing some of the myths and fables perpetuated by sellers- and their managers. .

Those attending THINK DIFFERENTLY after a "Maitiu Special"!

He is frequently asked to handle that deadly hour after lunch........ and no one has ever been known to sleep while MacCabe works! He is often voted best presenter at these conferences....He is also renowned for his modesty. *G*

Here is a partial list of the topics Maitiu has previously presented- the full range of presentations is widespread and far ranging. If your requirement is not listed, a quick phone call will enable Maitiu to create a presentation on your specific topic - and it's applications in your specific industry - that will make the case you wish to have presented to your audience. It will be memorable, practical, and full of "Take-away Value"!. Appropriate notes will also be prepared and included .

Using the letters of the word "Commit" as his template, Maitiu explores the main characteristics needed by the modern Sales Professional. Only at the end of the presentation do delegates gaspingly realise the intial letters of each element spell out the word "Commit". Big "WOW" factor here.
Time required: Ranging from minimum 45 mins- max. 90 mins

The Five Outstanding Qualities of Peak-Performing Sellers
Based on the extensive research of Dr. Charles Garfield, this presentation impels delegates to look at themselves in relation to the researched qualities of high performing sellers. It shows them that there are no magic formulas to high performance, and that it is attainable by anybody willing to change and make the effort. This presentation is always enthusiastically received.
Time required.: Ranging from minimum 60 minutes-max.120 minutes.

"If life is a bowl of cherries,why am I in the pits?"
Based on the original title pun by Irma Bombeck, this presentation points up how Sellers allow their in-built (dis)beliefs to lose them orders by the hundreds. Then it shows how changing their beliefs can release them to sell in quantities they never dreamed of -to buyers who never did business with them before! A stunning examination of how your mind creates your world- in selling and in general life- and how to change it.
Time required: Ranging from minimum 60 minutes - max. 120 minutes

Influencing with Integrity
"High Pressure selling" was never a runner. In their efforts to avoid it, sellers talk of the "Low pressure sell". This often translates into 'No pressure sell"!
This presentation shows the startling simplicity of generating "Inner Pressure", which is so subtle but effective that the buyer never realises any pressure has been exerted! High Performing sellers know this method and profit from it constantly. Let everyone discover the "secret".
Time required: Ranging from minimum 45 minutes - max. 90 minutes

The First Five Minutes
First impressions last, and your customer makes the "4 minute decision" that you are a professional or a chancer. This decision has a huge bearing on the remaining (average)twelve minutes of the sales discussion. Given our understanding of this concept, how do so many sellers"'blow" their chances before they ever get to make their selling proposition? Many of the myths and idiocies of the first four -five minutes are explored and valuable tips given on how to have oyur prospect's complete interest and attention within that vital time frame.
Time required: minimum 60 minutes - max. 120 minutes

"Move Your Sales Performance Up a Level" Seminar
(Ranging from 2 hours- Half day - with a SPECIAL OFFER built in).

Salespeople have always had a tough job. It just got tougher. In the last five years, selling has become unimaginably complex. Products are born and die within six months. Customers demand personalised attention. Service is critical to some, while price is the key factor for others. And then there's the Internet--how's a salesperson supposed to compete with that? It seems salespeople need to be many different things to many different markets. This new seminar addresses this issue, and shows salespeople how they can adopt six different roles (a.k.a. "hats") for different selling situations. Based on the concept of "critical thinking," this powerful informative, entertaining seminar provides salespeople with a comprehensive system for using just the right thought-strategy for each circumstance.

Participants get detailed instructional information and manuals on how to best "wear" each of the six hats:
Astute Planner
Trusted Friend
Effective Consultant
Skillful Influencer
Adept People Manager
Master Learner.


Systematically Improving Your Performance
Success Bound: Breaking Free of Mediocrity

This Special Offer is only available for seminars booked before November 30th 2006
Don't Delay. Act now to avail of this extra incentive offer.

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