Sales Training: Selling Against Competition

If you DOUBLED the number of sales you close, what would that do for your yearly income?"

An introduction to a career enhancing sales training event for inexperienced sellers, or those who have never been formally trained in selling skills.

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Sales Training is the “Transition Factor”!

Sales training is usually the catalyst that turns the “enthusiastic amateur” into a top class professional seller!
Enthusiasm and well meant advice from “expert” sales people or managers can only carry you so far. (Remember, they are expert at sales, not at training others to sell. That’s a quite different skill). Examine the league table of sellers in your organisation. It’s usually the same people who regularly, year in, year out, head the sales league.

So, since it’s consistent, it’s not an accident. And generally, they are selling the same products, to the same buyers, on the same terms as you are! Their on-going success is tied into something they are doing. Selling against competiton is the name of everyone's game in today's world.

There are no “Secrets”.

As many new books, videos etc. try to tell you and sell you, there are no “new secrets”. They are just good ideas that are new to some people.
What there is, in fact, is a recognised process and guideline for using this process, to guide your buyer to make the decisions you wish for, more often.
Anyone can learn the “secrets” of the buyer’s mind! Anyone can learn the “secrets” of communicating in a meaningful way to that buyer’s mind- once you understand how it works.

If you are ready to take your selling skills to a new height, take the renowned Selling Against Competition sales training programme. Long established as a “Best of Breed” sales training/ sales coaching programme, it has helped many thousands of sellers improve their selling skills, and develop their sales professionalism to a much higher and more profitable level.

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And remember, we believe it is so good, we offer a cast iron guarantee with it! (Scroll down halfway when you are sent to the page)...... also, see further down this page.

You have nothing to lose , and a huge lot to gain!

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Let's face it. Converting buyers into Lifelong Customers is the target for all of us. You'll find Selling Against Competition to be the fastest and best way to help inexperienced or untrained (in a formal sense) sellers attract, convert, and keep clients and customers. Your understanding of your customer’s mind, and how to communicate to it, either stands in your way or assists you in achieving your targets.
When you can line all your communication methods up for potential, you will succeed.
Sales Training is not a magic wand. It takes a commitment on your part to learn and use tools that will assist you to effectively design your selling story in a way that makes a good buisness case for your buyer to take action.

Are you ready for a mind shift?

You should be, because your brain is. Once you truly understand how your Customer's mind works, and how to communicate to it, you'll enjoy more success than ever before. As a result, you'll have more confidence, which inevitably results in even greater success.

Our unique "Money Back plus" Guarantee
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If you are thinking these are skills you would like to have, but it sounds too good to be true, there is an amount of conviction and practice required on your part to be really good.

My promise with the Selling Against Competition Guarantee is that if you try these ideas for a reasonable period of time – you decide – and if you feel you are not achieving better results and making real progress, I'll refund your full fee for the training….and I'll give you an extra €50.00 out of my own pocket. You will make a profit with this training, one way or the other!

There is NO DOWNSIDE for you.

You simply cannot lose, but the gain may be stunning ;-))

Take Action Now!

Join the many sellers who have invested in Selling Against Competition .

Join the many sellers who have profited immensely from this mind opening workshop and who have gone on to much higher planes in their business.

Join the many Sales Thoroughbreds who reached for the sky and got there!

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Thank You for considering this coaching and training workshop, and may you be delighted the increased level of your earnings in the next twelve months….(grin).


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