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What our clients have said……

"…..first of all, the way you helped me redesign my proposals makes me stand out from the crowd, and coaching me on focussing on customer objectives nails it down….buyers in several large accounts have complimented me on my professionalism….and yet it's all so practical and common sense- when you made me work it out!……."
T.G. (Technical sales)

"…..since our last session I have gone back to the basics of my business and both surprised and shocked myself….At our next session, I'd like you to help me examine our distribution policies…great stuff!…..
J.Q. ( Importer /Exporter)

".....Maggie, our three coaching sessions have really made me see myself in a new light. I am now very determined not to be the "little stay-at-home" anymore. And the new wardrobe has made everyone I know ( and a few I don't!) look at me differently."
S.J. ( Back -to -work homemaker)

"…..at last, I have a real structure to my negotiations, and having you at the (Client name) meeting also gave me enormous confidence in case I failed to pick up on something important…..thanks for the coaching…."
M.M. (Office furniture)

".....You were right! You can "Dress down" for Fridays without making a prat of yourself trying to look younger. It just didn't suit me, but now I'm dressed down but still feeling well dressed and comfortable. You should speak to everyone over forty about "Dress down Friday!". I may ask you to speak to the gang of older..ahem...more mature staff in the offices. Well done."
J.F ( Personnel Manager)

"…..in a largely international market, with so much done by phone, it is essential that I structure my calls properly…I can honestly attest that your coaching has helped me greatly in this regard…."
J.B. (Chemical synthesis)

"….. I hate you! After the success of your coaching last year, my target has doubled in 2004! What did you start? Can we set up a few further sessions to get my mind right for this challenge?.....
D O'M (Financial services)

".....the presentation went very well. I was wishing they would throw a few "wobblies" at me by the end. I even asked and answered a couple of questions which did not come up from the floor. The rehearsing you made me do was tough, but Boy! - did I feel great after the event. Lots of compliments to me- and my compliments to you."
A. O'D ( Area Manager)

"..... I would never have believed that I could start my own website and business, and definitely not after I retired. I'm now in touch with like minded people all over the world, and they are clamouring for information on fishing in Ireland. The monthly newsletter is very popular and growing, and the whole thing has me busier than ever. The difference is that I'm involved with something I always loved!. You said you would coach me on how to make good money out of this, so here's your chance. Talk to me soonest....."
J.B. ( Retired seller- now web entrepreneur)

"……..after working with you ( coaching) I feel I can do whatever I set my mind to…it's powerful for raising awareness and facilitating personal growth for anyone……
E.S. (Consultant)

What Great Expectations Coaching wants for you is to have people who feel inspired and effortlessly take action consistently, to bring results.

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