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"What the heck can a Life Coach do for me?"

Life Coaching in Ireland is a rapidly growing profession.
And deservedly so. The results of Life Coaching are now well proven, and it is fast approaching the stage of critical mass, where it will be accepted as being "always there".

Why decide on Coaching as
your Personal Development method?

Why indeed? There are many options if you wish to develop yourself - training, councelling, mentoring, consulting, shadowing, and other many and various therapies .
What makes coaching unique, is that it is the only personal development process which is entirely focussed on YOU! It is focussed around your aims, life, ambitions, targets, goals, wishes, and your life/work direction. It starts and finishes with your personal agenda.

It can relate to all aspects of your life and your work, and the balance you would like to achieve in them. It takes you from where you are now, and guides you to where you wish to be.....and in the process you will discover some marvelous capabilities within you that have lain dormant for too long.

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THAT "YOU" IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL INSIDE YOU! And here at Great Expectations Coaching, Maggie Gibbons and Maitiu MacCabe (see Biogs here. ) are dedicated to guiding you back to that "extra" ordinary person, helping you to live a fulfilled and satisfied life.

Explore this site fully
Discover how Life Coaching works
Read the articles and the many tips on aspects of coaching
and Learn
how others like yourself have improved their lives and work out of all proportion, by working with a Life Coach to guide them.

Are you ready for Life Coaching?

Life Coaching will work for you if you meet some or all these criteria:

You have at least one realistic ( but not too realistic- dreams and wishes are good ) aim, target, or goal, which is achievable within the next three - four months.
You are committed to your personal (or work) improvement and you are willing to change to make it happen.
You are ready to take the steps necessary to reach the potential you know you possess.
You are willing to do the hard work in order to live the exhilaration, abundance, and pleasure in your life that achievement will bring.

If you are ready, take the first action step TODAY to making your future happen.

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