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Writing Sales Letters Full of Oomph!

by Maitiu MacCabe -Senior Sales Coach

Do you feel frustrated at the lack of response to your sales letters? Do you avoid devising mailers because they are a “waste of time and effort”? Writing sales letters is an art that everyone can learn. It is an essential skill for sellers, as the selling letter must do the job we ourselves would do if we were present with our customer. You would not drop a brochure on your customer’s desk and say nothing! And yet, that is what many sales letters effectively do.

Sales letters often TELL a lot, but SELL nothing.

Why do we talk of “junk mail” in derogatory terms? "Straight into the dustbin" is the usual comment. In fact, this belies the fact of how we handle direct mail. Research by the DMA-UK shows that 69% of business people read direct mail, and 81% of homeowners read theirs. Moreover, when you know how to harvest it, you can reap the benefit of this potentially huge readership.

Why does direct mail suffer from such bad press? Mainly because the letters tell us what they want to tell us, irrespective of what we might want to hear.

In this in-depth article I will look at direct mail/email from the receiver’s point of view, show you exactly how direct mail is handled when received, and show you how to garner more attention for your offers, and better response rates if you are looking for an action from your reader……
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Good luck as you go for it, and let me know how you get on.



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