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Selling Against Competition –Content & Details

Why should I attend this sales training programme?

The next Selling Against Competiton sales training programme will take place on :

Dates: mid June 2011. Dates to be finalised.
Venue: Bewley’s Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin 22.
Times: 8.30am (SHARP) – 5.30pm daily

Selling Against Competition Sales Training Programme -Content:

The following topics cover the major areas of personal selling skills essential to the sales professional:

Attitude, not Aptitude, determines your Altitude.
Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes. Which is most influential in achieving success?
Why get excited, enthusiastic or more motivated?
The concept of motivation and achievement

Making first Contact
Making your first contact
Making appointments – and getting past the “gatekeeprs” successfully!.
How to establish the level of authority of the person to whom you are speaking.
How to ensure you are speaking to the decision-maker, when more than one party is involved in the transaction.
How to handle the customer who is “shopping around”.
Qualifying your customer on authority to decide, their budget, their requirements/ needs and their commitment to action.
Prospecting actively for more business. Your customer’s “Itch Cycle”.
Making appointments – incl. Getting past gatekeepers.

Fact – Finding
Deciding on “Purpose” before making contact with your customer- incoming or proactive.
What information do you require to qualify your customer?
Five questions which every seller should ask.
Introduction to the use of Situation, Problem, Implication and Payoff questions in the transaction.
Tactics to uncover needs, budget levels/ price ranges and buying authority when meeting resistance on these.
Understanding all of the influences in the sale.
Understanding the “Buying Mentality” of your customer.

Telling Your Story
Why customers buy (from recent research)
Features, Advantages, Benefits.
The “30 Second Message”
Designing a planned sales story.
The psychology of language- Explaining in persuasive English
(This will be pitched at a level appropriate to the group
Handling different personality types
Why “VALUE” must be your No.1 benefit and how to sell it (to minimise price objections later).

Obstacles, Stalls, and Excuses
Why objections arise- research
The major objections and concerns of buyers when considering their purchasing decision.
Different types of objections
Lose your fear of “NO”
4 step process for handling objections.
Handling the price issue
Handling “I’ll think about it”- the most difficult obstacle to handle.

Asking for commitment
When do you close?
Buying signals and how to read / check them
Trial closing
Seven ways of asking for commitment without upsetting your customer
The skill of obtaining referrals and testimonials.

Negotiating terms and Conditions
How to ensure the deal is good for both of you.
You are responsible for your Buyer’s “win”
Using the variables in the deal to more closely meet your customer’s requirements and your own.
There is no deal your sellers are doing that cannot be improved in some way.

58 negotiating tactics to improve your bottom line in every sale.

Action plan

At the conclusion of the training each participant formulates an individual plan of action for use on his/ her return to work.

Our unique "Money Back plus" Guarantee
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If you are thinking these are selling skills you would like to have, but it sounds too good to be true, there is an amount of conviction and practice required on your part to be really good following this sales training.

My promise with the Selling Against Competition Guarantee , is that if you try these sales training ideas for a reasonable period of time – you decide – and if you feel you are not achieving better results and making real progress, I'll refund your full fee for the training….and I'll give you an extra €50.00 out of my own pocket. You will make a profit with this training, one way or the other!

There is NO DOWNSIDE for you.

You simply cannot lose, but the gain may be stunning ;-))

Take Action Now!

Join the many sellers who have invested in Selling Against Competition .

Thank You for considering this sales training and coaching workshop, and may you be delighted the increased level of your earnings in the next twelve months….(grin).

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Selling Against Competition Content and Details

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