"They laughed when I said I was going to unlock my selling mind, but they are astonished at my latest sales figures!"

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Every time someone attends an Unlock your Selling Mind workshop, the same question is asked….."What if our competitors take this sales training as well?"

You can nearly taste the fear…hear the urgency.

Participants check to see if others there have copped onto the same things they have. Some are impatient to leave, to get back to the office and start changing things…..their sales stories, their sales letters and literature, their web sites, in fact, every means of communication they have with their customers. Such is the impact of these workshops. You can see the Euro signs in their eyes as they realise the potential of unlocking their selling mind!

To put the problem in perspective, I'd like you to look at your experienced sellers – or look at yourself if you are in selling for several years. Do they/you all still show the potential they displayed when you first put your own judgement on the line and employed them?

The 80 –20 Rule applies, Gang! The majority of sellers absorb virtually all of their learning in year one and then repeat, repeat, repeat……I'll barely mention the terror and the error of using the "sitting next to Nellie" form of training, where new sellers go out with the "experienced" one, and since (s)he can sell but is not equipped to train others to do it, all the newbies really learn are the shortcuts, rule bending, and "tricks of the trade", before learning how to do it professionally. They develop Experience.

A much smaller group of sellers make learning a life-long commitment and use each mistake or lost sale as a learning experience. They develop Expertise!

And they become your high performers….but sometimes even they burn out a little, go "off the boil"….and conventional sales training/ coaching programmes just doesn't float their boat any more, or revitalise their undoubted energies.

Well, I've got a solution for both categories:Unlock Your Selling Mind!

The Carnegie Institute of Technology did an analysis of 10,000 people and found that only 15% of those who were successful did so because of technical training and job proficiency, that 85% of success was due to the mindset people displayed. In other words the mindset sellers place themselves in is the most dominant factor contributing to their success. If you currently don't like where you are in your selling life, then you can change the way you think. By changing the way you think, you change the way you behave. By changing the way you behave, you change the results you generate. QED. Unlock Your Selling Mind (UYSM) will radically, and permanently change the way your salespeople think and behave….. Guaranteed!

They only need to stir their WILLINGNESS into the mix and their sales "cake" will rise beautifully for them! No baking talent required over and above their present levels of selling skills.

WARNING! Unlock Your Selling Mind will make you feel uncomfortable….

But the good news is, it works. Once you get over the slight feeling of discomfort as the concepts are revealed in the workshop.

Early on in this workshop, participants tend to think that there is nothing new in it.

There isn't!

However, as progress is made, they begin to feel small tweaks in their thought process and start to see things in a different light…..it doesn't always require a big shift to get dramatic results. Sometimes a tiny tweak changes the perspective completely.

And that's what UYSM is all about.

It's about tweaks in your thinking that re-organises and changes the way you look at your customer and your communications forever. When you recognise the way things have always been done, you see why you struggle to get consistent results. Apply the principles of UYSM and watch how your customers magically start paying attention.

At the start, you may find yourself resisting this tweaking. Fine. You are reacting to the many faults in our educational system….we are taught that grass can only be green. The "Bluegrass" state of Kentucky in the USA would not agree with you, and I have seen the blue grass there (my daughter lives down the road in Richmond, Virginia)….there is lot said in the old Harry Chapin song.

UYSM takes you through a logical process of showing you how people think systematically. It also shows you that you have been thinking about and doing things a bit skew ways. And then it gently leads you to get maximum miles per gallon from your selling and business know –how. These tools give you the "unfair advantage" to improve yourself, your skills, your sales results - no matter how experienced you already are.

How do I get to the Top of the Heap?

Everybody asks me that…..sales people, solo professionals, sales directors, company owners and chief executives……"How can I stand out and get and keep the attention of my customers?" And presumably keep it long enough for it to last. For a lifetime would be a good start, they say.

There are so many ways of getting to a customer….cold calls (can be pestering), advertising (costs a fortune), direct response (expensive and may be just poorly timed), tele-sales (stressing for the operators, high staff turnover)…..and none of them guarantee you success….

If you don't get into your Customer's mind, you are left sitting out in the cold!

So, is there way to get to my customer easily and inexpensively?

Yes! There is way and it has been known for a long time. It's called psychology….don't be frightened of that word….psycho-logic…"the logic of the mind". If you get into the brain from a different angle, the brain pays attention and then keeps the information up front and centre because it considers it important. (because of the angle from which it has been approached).

People –including professional purchasing agents - buy on emotions, not logic. Find out how you can talk to people just like you always do – but you will tap into the deepest areas of their mind, where they make decisions and where you can influence them most effectively.

Let's face it. Converting buyers into Lifelong Customers is the target for all of us. You'll find UYSM to be the fastest and best way to help your experienced sellers attract, convert, and keep clients.The way you think either stands in your way or assists you in achieving your targets.
When you can line all your thoughts up for potential, you will succeed.
Changing how you think costs you no money and it takes no special talent.
However, it does take a commitment on your part to learn and use tools that will assist you to effectively design your thoughts.

Are you ready for a mind shift?

You should be, because your brain is. Once you truly understand how your Customer's mind works, you'll enjoy more success than ever before. As a result, you'll have more confidence, which inevitably results in even greater success.

Our unique "Money Back plus" Guarantee

If you are thinking these are skills you would like to have, but it sounds too good to be true, there is an amount of conviction and practice required on your part to be really good.

My Guarantee ( See Unlock your Selling Mind Content and Details) is that if you try these wonderful ideas for a reasonable period of time – you decide – and if you feel you are not achieving better results and making real progress, I'll refund your full fee for the training….and I'll give you an extra €50.00 out of my own pocket. You will make a profit with this training, one way or the other!

There is NO DOWNSIDE for you.

You simply cannot lose, but the gain may be stunning ;-))

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Join the many Sales Thoroughbreds who reached for the sky and got there!

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Thank You for considering this coaching and training workshop, and may you be embarrassed by the increased level of your earnings in the next twelve months….(grin).


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