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"When you find a seller who is successful,
it is because (s)he is a monomaniac on a mission!".

Peter Drucker

Unlock Your Selling Mind Content:

"Why bother? I'm doing OK"
Introduction to the revolutionary ( to some people) concept of Unlock Your Selling Mind
Why do they still dither when they obviously need your solution?
How the brain works
Problems are DRIVING forces!
The overwhelming importance of Problems in your customer's mindset.
Lessons from Alexander the Great.
Getting Solutions to do some hard work for a change.
Hitting your Target: How and Why.
Brain Alchemy- The Hidden Trigger. How to mix the ingredients to create gold.
Turning on the Heat: The Power of Explanation.
Why they love you but just won't buy from you.
The big difference between Conditions and Objections.
The monster objection called Price.
The biggest Price Issue is the one in your head.
Am I the First One? The vital need for case studies and testimonials.
See that hesitation? It's called Fear. Handle the Fear Factor.
What stops him/ her? Risk Reversal.
Why me? Uniqueness and why it is so important. Unique - Selling -Proposition.

The "Baggage Conveyor Belt".......The Seven "Bags" in your customer's mind and how to take them off the conveyor belt. The integrated summary of Unlock Your Selling Mind.

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Dates:............. Late June 2011
Venue: .............usually Bewleys Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin 22
Times: .............8am (Sharp) – 5pm each day.
Budget: ..........€997.00 per person, with our UNIQUE "Money Back Plus" Guarantee (see further down this page)
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Great Expectations Coaching, 28 Whitebarn Road, Churchtown, Dublin 14, Ireland
Tel: 01 2990900 (8am -11pm GMT) or Email Maitiu here


Great Expectations Coaching offers you our UNIQUE "Money Back plus" Guarantee.

If you are thinking that the skills outlined in the UYSM Introduction and content pages are skills you would like to have, but it sounds too good to be true, or maybe a little too rich for your budget, here is our UNIQUE "Money Back plus" promise .

My Personal Guarantee with your Unlock Your Selling Mind workshop is, that if you genuinely try these wonderful ideas for a reasonable period of time – you decide – and if you feel you are not achieving better results and making real progress, I'll refund your full fee for the workshop….and I'll give you an extra €50.00 out of my own pocket. You will make a profit with this training, one way or the other!

There is NO DOWNSIDE for you.
You simply cannot lose, but the gain may be stunning ;-))

Simply pay the UYSM workshop fee in advance, and my original signature will authenticate this Unique Guarantee. The authenticated document will be forwarded to you by return.

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Thank You for considering this coaching and training workshop, and may you be embarrassed by the increased level of your earnings in the next twelve months….(grin).

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